• Seasons Village partners with single mothers and their children to foster a strong foundation for intergenerational prosperity.


Our Vision

To build a more promising future for single mothers and their children to end the cycle of poverty

Our Values

Advocacy – Amplify and support the voices of single mothers on systemic issues. Support and challenge single mothers to be their own positive, impactful, advocates for themselves and their children.

Wellness – Nurture resiliency through holistic approach that focuses on healthy minds, healthy relationships, physical wellness, and spiritual growth. 

Connectedness – Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and meaningful connections.  Promote social responsibility and community involvement. 

Growth – Provide opportunities for everyone’s transformative growth – physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Respect – we hold in high esteem the dignity and worth of all individuals interwoven in all aspects of our organization.

Our Vision

Our Holistic Approach

Seasons Village builds on the strengths and resilience of single mothers to encourage and support the aspirations they have for themselves, and their children.  We focus on connecting services and opportunities that will create pathways for single mother’s to move beyond poverty to prosperity.

Transformative Education

Focus on education, career and leadership development, life skills, and self-esteem/self worth. Individualized mentoring and tutoring to facilitate success for the mothers and their children.

Health and Wellness

Support mothers’ and children’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Programs to empower the women and children, group wellness sessions for mothers and children. Referrals will be provided as needed.

Economic Prosperity

Focus on entrepreneurship, financial literacy & planning, livable wages, and communication skills, ultimately eliminating reliance on public assistance, and engaging graduates to be a part of giving back to their community.

Community Partnerships

Develop corporate partnerships and internships, partner with other non-profits to provide holistic services, Work with local educational institutions to fac facilitate financial assistance, develop network of volunteers to extend women’s access to community resources.

Stable Environment

Safe, affordable housing as part of program while developing pathways to future safe housing and ownership. Secure high-quality child care, enhance  child development, and open opportunity for mothers to focus on their education.

Did You Know?

Seasons Village’s focus is on the Southeast Raleigh area. We share in the vision of Southeast Raleigh Promise to create pathways out of poverty for the lowest income residents and to do our part in breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Partnering with existing leadership in the community, nonprofits, churches, and schools, Seasons Village raises awareness on the issues low resourced single mothers and their families face, and partners with the broader community to equip these women to lead from a place of strength. Investments in the postsecondary success of single mothers not only individually opens opportunities for higher paying jobs, economic security, and family stability, but it promotes leaders in the community across generations.

The Opportunity

Seasons Village will have a focus on Southeast Raleigh due to demographics and its unique opportunities.

Single mothers in North Carolina who graduate with an A.A.:

1 %
less likely to live in poverty than a high school graduate
$ 1
more earned over their lifetime vs with only a high school education.
$ 1
NC saves in public assistance spending over their lifetime
1 %
less likely to live in poverty than a high school graduate
$ 1
more earned over their lifetime vs with only a high school education.
$ 1
NC saves in public assistance spending over their lifetime

Build A Greater Sense Of Community

Rich legacy of leadership with strong desire to better the community. Provides opportunity to work with local leaders to determine best structure to help single mothers and their children.

Opportunity To Partner With Existing Infrastructure

YMCA with focus on community well being. Partnering with SE Raleigh Promise and exploring partnerships with schools, other non profits and churches. Close proximity to higher education.

Expand The Constituency Of People Who Care About SE Raleigh

Drive increased focus into the development of a community that can lead from a place of strength

Who we serve:

  • Single mothers who are Wake County residents, with primary custody of one or more children age 17 or younger, and have sole responsibility for their household.
  • At or below 30% AMI.
  • 2-Gen approach to equally support, encourage and promote the growth of the mothers and their children.
  • Have primary custody of one or more children age 17 or younger.
  • Have responsibility for their
  • Whose incomes are at or below 30% Area Median Income.
  • Are currently enrolled, or planning to enroll, at an accredited post-secondary degree awarding institution pursuing a degree or quality certification.

Benefits of Seasons Village:

  • A supportive community of peers working toward self-reliance. We promote sisterhood within Seasons Village, nurture connections with coaches/advocates, and build relationships in the broader community.
  • 2-Gen approach to equally support, encourage and promote the growth of the mothers and their children
  • Individualized coaching to sustain families through mutually developed individual family plans for success.
  • Workshops and training to support mental, emotional, and physical wellness to move families from surviving to thriving, providing referrals to professionals as needed.
  • Access to professionals to develop skills and networks for employment
  • Equip with good communication skills and train for advocacy

Our Path: Three Village Phases

  • Empowerment:  As the mothers are pursuing their degree/certification: Enrichment workshops and sisterhood gatherings provide ongoing two generational support for sustainable, holistic, family growth. Focus is on health and wellbeing, social and emotional learning, support for academic success, economic prosperity, social responsibility, and community involvement.  
  • Endearing Legacy: Commitment as a Village. Mothers sharing acquired knowledge, mentoring new families in Seasons Village, and build network for continued social capital.
  • Engagement – Builds relationships between Seasons Village and the community, develops sisterhood, skills building and academic preparedness (critical thinking, effective communication, advocacy, time management), self care/self esteem, and other personal tools for success.   Engagement curriculum is the foundation for relationships which will be deepened as we partner with single mothers throughout their academic journey. 

Partner With Us

Seasons Village wants to collaborate with community partners, institutions, and individuals.  We would love to work with you with the goal of building something great together.  

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