About Us

Our Mission

Seasons Village partners with single mothers and their children to foster a strong foundation for intergenerational prosperity.

Our Vision

To build a more promising future for single mothers and their children to break the cycle of poverty

Research shows the two greatest resources needed to break the cycle of poverty are education and relationships. Seasons Village provides these resources for single mothers and their families so they can realize their inner strengths and potential. As they own their journey to a fulfilled future, we partner to provide holistic support.

A Shared Vision for Wake County

Seasons Village creates pathways out of poverty for the lowest income residents and works to do our part in breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Partnering with existing leadership in the community, nonprofits, churches, and schools, Seasons Village raises awareness on the issues low-resourced single mothers and their families face, and partners with the broader community to equip these women to lead from a place of strength. Investments in the postsecondary success of single mothers not only individually opens opportunities for higher paying jobs, economic security, and family stability, but also promotes leaders in the community across generations.

Our Values


We hold in high esteem the dignity and worth of all individuals, interwoven in all aspects of our organization.


We believe in cultivating resiliency through a holistic approach that focuses on healthy minds, healthy relationships, physical wellness, and spiritual growth.


We invest in each individual and provide opportunities for transformative growth toward economic stability and overall family wellness.


We believe in developing mutually beneficial partnerships that lead to meaningful connections.


We value the investment that our community has placed in us and believe in extending everything that we do back into this community.

Equity and Advocacy

We value understanding and directly addressing the ways in which gender and racial inequities have exposed single mothers to undue disparities. We utilize our networks for tangible progress towards change.

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